Amethyst Center For Healing

Amethyst Center for Healing was founded by two women with the lofty idea of creating a safe space for people to find peace within themselves, without judgment, and without shame.

At Amethyst Center for Healing, we are dedicated to helping individuals, families, and communities recover from trauma and abuse, so that we may all live peaceful, empowered lives. We understand that sometimes people go through things that never should have happened and that those circumstances can be damaging for everyone involved. We are here to help heal the wounds of trauma and abuse. As trauma-informed, solution-oriented therapists, we will explore your past, present, and potential circumstances with you and help you find a plan for what is going to work best to get you moving forward to the healthy, productive life you want to live.

We are currently offering a hybrid approach to appointments, please confirm whether your specific appointment is virtual or in-person at the time of scheduling or by texting (801) 467-2863.

Take Confidence in Our Confidentiality.

We understand the need for privacy when it comes to seeking help. We’re here for you and will always respect and maintain the strictest confidentiality.

We're here to help.

No matter how big or small your struggle, you deserve to live a healthy and meaningful life. All of us are in this together and we are here to help.  You are a part of our community and we want to see you succeed. We offer research-based, therapeutic practices to help you work through whatever is holding you back from being the person you want to be. If you’re looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you’re just ready to move in a new direction in your life, we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Women Empowering Women Support Group

This group is focused on creating a safe, accepting space for female-identified trauma survivors to talk about domestic violence, sexual assault, and other traumatic experiences that have affected their sense of empowerment.

Domestic Violence Assesments

We provide full, state-certified assessments for individuals who have been charged with domestic violence and are seeking an evaluation for treatment needs.

Men's Peace Keepers Group

This group is for men who are choosing to focus on communication skills, empathy, & accountability, so they can have stronger, healthier relationships & more safety in their families and communities.

EMDR (Eye Movement, Desensitization, and Reprocessing Therapy)

We have extensive training and experience in using EMDR and working with people who have suffered for years from anxiety, depression, nightmares, and distressing memories.

My Aunties House: The Utah Beit Noam Project

Utah’s few domestic violence shelters are full.

And moving to a shelter, like refugees fleeing a warzone, requires women to uproot their lives, and take their children away from their homes, their friends, their schools and other social support systems that build strength and resistance.

This further traumatizes victims and children who have already been through so much.

The current paradigm taxes an already overburdened system, increases homelessness, and trauma for children, and inadvertently promotes recidivism and more violence.

There must be a better way to end violence in our families and to end violence in our communities.

What if, rather than asking victims to leave their homes, a residential treatment center for perpetrators existed? This is the foundational idea behind the Beit Noam project.

Here at Amethyst Center for Healing, we’re working tirelessly to make this vision a reality. Click below to find out how you can help or donate to the project.

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Looking for more information? We have a number of resources available on our blog. Articles designed to answer questions, provide insight, and offer a bit of help.

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