Chelsea Sheedy


Chelsea Sheedy is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor at Amethyst Center For Healing. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in music performance and psychology at University of Northern Iowa, music therapy at University of Iowa, and her Master’s degree in clinical counseling at Bellevue University. Chelsea specializes in domestic violence, trauma, EMDR, dissociative disorders, religious trauma, women’s issues & men’s issues, and neurodivergence. She enjoys working with all individuals in the family that have been impacted by domestic violence and with neurodivergent folks (those with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and other wiring differences). She strives to help those she works with in developing understanding and identity of self while adapting tools to help process trauma. She also has a deep interest in complex trauma, domestic violence, and religious trauma syndrome.

Chelsea is a seasoned therapist with many tricks up her sleeve, and is always seeking out new training and modalities that will help her clients be the best versions of themselves! She is a trained professional musician that worked as a music therapist before moving onto training as a clinical counselor. She has training in neurofeedback, somatic experiencing, Internal Family Systems, DBT, and is also completing her training to soon become an EMDRIA certified EMDR consultant. She is also trained in Reiki and really enjoys using creative means to help clients meet goals and achieve their most authentic self. Chelsea’s experience and wealth of knowledge are a benefit to our entire team as well as her clients!

When she is not working, Chelsea enjoys the Montana wilderness and the rough and tumble life of being a mother of all boys. She lives in a house of neurodivergents and has adapted many processes to make things easier for her household in light of this fact. She loves reading, archery, singing, playing piano, guitar, and trumpet, and enjoys spending time working her mini farm, on the lake, and playing with her 4 kids and chickens. She is also a cat farmer! She breeds Sphynx cats and a special hybrid cat called a bambino – they are a cross between a Sphynx and a Munchkin, so they are sort of naked cats with short little tiny legs.

Fun Fact: Chelsea recorded demos for a friend in college who is a composer and would enter into bids to write jingles.  Among many, there is a news station somewhere in Latin America where she is singing their jingle. She has no idea what she was saying because she doesn’t speak Spanish (but she did that day 😉 ).