Eric Pribyl


Eric Pribyl is one of the superstar Certified Social Workers at Amethyst Center for Healing who completed their Masters of Social Work degree at the University of Utah, graduating in 2022.

Modalities that Eric tends to use the most include EMDR, IFS (Internal Family Systems theory), DBT, and TF-CBT, although mixing modalities with flexibility, in order to meet the client’s needs is a main focus. Eric specializes in Dissociative Disorders (DID), trauma, PTSD, anger management, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), domestic violence, and enjoys working with young adults, adolescents, teens, and clients with a history of domestic violence and/or intimate partner violence. They offer individual, family, and group sessions.

Eric is genderqueer and doesn’t fit in any box, nor expects clients to–feeling strongly that clients should feel safe to be themselves and find solace in their office. Eric aligns themselves with the Bisexual Allied, Gay Allied, Intersex Allied, Lesbian Allied, Non-Binary Allied, Queer Allied, Racial Justice Allied, and Transgender Allied communities.

Eric is very open and friendly with a big heart, making conversations comfortable, safe, and fun. They are trained in Reiki Level 2 and have four animals, one of which, named Diego, often accompanies them to therapy sessions to help provide an extra layer of comfort.


“Using just one modality of therapy doesn’t fit everyone. When we are in therapy sessions, I like to integrate modalities together so clients can get the best care possible. Maybe we will use IFS to help with EMDR to help process complex trauma. Or perhaps we will use CBT and DBT to help with anxious thoughts and infuse behavioral activation with it. Flexibility is important!”

–Eric Pribyl